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Rectification Deed

Conditions for Rectification Deed

  • The mistake must be real

  • Coincidental, not deliberate

  • All the parties must consent

Rectification Deed

We provide end to end support for Rectification Deed, which is entered between two parties to redress any blunders made in a past deed. Typical blunders may be a typing mistake, an incorrectly spelled name, a blunder in the property depiction, or some other mistake in the execution of the reports. For example, the area of the property, its dimensions, location or the survey number may be wrong. These may be typographical errors or because of improper comparison with the property documents like the transfer deed, sale deed, title deed, revenue records etc. These errors can be rectified through the execution of a supplementary document called rectification deed.

Our Role

As an experienced documentation lawyer, we can make sure that the deed made is ironclad and it cannot be challenged in the future on any technical grounds. We help you understand the clauses and can negotiate the same with the other party on your behalf. In case the original deed is registered, one should get the rectification deed also registered; and pay the requisite stamp duty and registration charges as per the laws in force in the State.

Disagreement Between parties

In case some of the parties do not agree to such an amendment, the other party may file a suit before a court. The law provides for relief to parties.

Time Limitation

There is no limitation for executing a rectification or correction deed. At any point in time, if a mistake is found out, rectification deed can be executed.