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Legal consultation and validation is the most important part when it comes to purchasing a property; be it residential or commercial space. A proper advice from advocate, regarding the property, based on available documents, is the first and crucial step to be taken by the buyer. Only after getting confirmation from advocate regarding correctness of the documents and property, can the potential buyer proceed to next steps like making deals, etc. Various factors like parties’ rights, title, survey number, revenue records etc. are taken into consideration while providing consultations.

Key Factors

At the time of buying property, making valid and proper documentation is also very important. It is not a mere copy and paste activity from some previous deed. It involves a lot of finer aspects and minute details which only a well proven and experienced advocate can do. It is vital in protecting against lawsuits; as it ensures consent and expectations from all parties involved.

For e.g., under Tamilnadu Town & Country Planning Act, every residential property must have a public utility area and every commercial property should have adequate parking area.

Survey Number

The method of maintaining survey number varies depending on whether the property falls under corporation limits or rural area. Also, if a property has many survey numbers and if any survey number has many sub-divisions in it, then Chekupandi (for boundary related) is a must for that survey number. We provide end-to-end and completely trusted consultations and services related to Survey Numbers.

Revenue Records

Only an experienced lawyer can understand the complexity in the Revenue Records. Classification of property on the Revenue Records of the Village / Town / City administrative office is the most important aspect. Each property has a Survey Number, which belongs a particular village. The village in turn belongs to a Taluk and many Taluks comprise a District. Each state in India has many districts.